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M. A. Angelides


  • Location:
    Governorís Island, N.Y.
  • Contract/Amount:
  • Owner/Client:
  • Architect:
    John Ciardullo Associates, P.C.
  • Date of Completion:
    March 2010

New York Harbor High School

Complete interior demolition and renovation of an existing three-story 70,000 SF re-inforced concrete and steel structure for use as the new NY Harbor High School. Work includes additional structural steel, new floor slabs, state of the art 4,000 gallon display aquarium with artificial rocks and marine aquaculture laboratory, all new integrated mechanical systems, plumbing, and electrical. Interior finished spaces will consist of classrooms, machine shops, science labs, a multipurpose room and administrative and community spaces. Exterior work will encompass an entirely new courtyard, with basketball court, brick paver walkways, pergola and landscaping.