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M. A. Angelides

What's New

Afandou Golf North - Rhodes, Greece

In 2013 the Greek Government decided to raise funds through the sale of state owned assets. It created the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) which put up for bid the beachfront property along the coastline on Rhodes known as Afandou. There were two plots of land Afandou North and Afandou South. Mike Angeliades submitted the bid offer for the North Afandou plot and it was accepted. Mike Angeliades made a promise to the local authorities to make Afandou one of the most impressive resorts in Greece. Initial funding kick-starts the development with a Master Plan created by Gensler, the renowned global design and architecture firm. As development progresses, other private investments will be required to grow and operate the resort. The long-term plan will focus on the golf course that will exceed both European and American standards. The current intent is to build 6-star hotels, golf houses, holiday homes, a rehabilitation center accommodating up to 200 clients, a helicopter pad and a marina among many other facilities. The entire project is forecasted at 350 million euros. This is a large-scale project for Greece and for M.A. Angeliades. The current timeline is to break ground by mid 2015, with the resort fully operational by 2024. The long term vision is to establish Greeces first ever golf community and transform Afandou North into the Greek Riviera. view article »

The Chase Tower at South Bend, Indiana

The acquisition of a renowned commercial property in South Bend, Indiana that had fallen into foreclosure and disrepair along with a tax bill significantly in arrears enticed Mike Angeliades to form Washington Square Reality, LLC, a New York-based real estate development company, which bought the defunct Chase Tower building, paid the outstanding back taxes and committed to the upgrading, renovation and refurbishment of the office portion of this land mark 25-story hotel and office building in downtown South Bend. There is an improvement plan for the hotel portion of the building, so the company's total investment in Chase Tower renovations will far exceed the $5.8 million figure set aside for the office space. The Magnuson Grand Hotel, the last hotel brand to operate inside Chase Tower, closed June 13, 2014. The two-year project will culminate with the hotel portion being re-opened under a well known hotel brand name to provide hospitality to a portion of the thousands of visitors who flock to South Bend for Notre Dame University events. view article »

Randall's Island Fire Training Center

Just prior to September 11, 2001, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) had embarked upon an ambitious $40 million construction and renovation project at the department's training academy on "Randall's Island. In the devastating aftermath of 9/11, emergency preparedness became the ultimate priority for New York City. No one agency suffered a greater loss that day than New York's bravest, the FDNY, prompting the city to push for acceleration of the project.

As general contractor, M.A. Angeliades rose to the occasion. Not only did the company meet the expediency required after 9/11, they also adapted to last minute site changes when the city decided to stick with the present Randall's Island site rather than a previously recommended site in Bayside, Queens. New York-based M.A. Angeliades oversaw the transformation of the facilities, which dated back to the 1970's. The original academy consisted of 10 buildings on the island, which had not been intended for use with live flames. After more than three decades of wear and tear, the buildings had incurred irreparable damage. M.A. Angeliades was responsible for construction of three entirely new buildings and renovation of one existing building.

The end result, completed in March 2004, includes a 35,000-square-foot learning building that consists of six state-of-the-art classrooms, a gym, locker rooms, cafeteria and storage. The newly constructed "burn" building is a 6,000-square-foot facility where computer-controlled fires are generated to allow for maximum training exposure. The third new building, also measuring 35,000 square feet, and perhaps the most unique, allows the department to simulate a number of search and rescue scenarios. The building reproduces emergency conditions on a full-size, simulated New York City "street," complete with fire hydrants, manholes, street lights, parking meters and mailboxes.

The finished product is undoubtedly one of the most unique fire training facilities in the nation and will allow New York City to produce some of the best-trained firefighters in the world. Given its first-rate design and timely completion, the project was recognized by Buildings magazine as the Specialty Spaces Winner in their 2004 New Construction Awards. view article »

161 Street/Yankee Stadium

Surrounding Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is a hub of activity that is distinctly and undeniably New York. The major ingress and egress to this historical destination is the 161st Street Subway Station. On any given weekday, approximately 25,000 people access this station. When the Yankees have a home game, that number typically triples with people flocking to the House that Ruth Built.

With this in mind, the NYC Transit Authority commissioned a $45 million renovation project to improve access to the station and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment. M.A. Angeliades Inc., with their knowledge and feel for the City of New York, were selected as co-general contractors for this ambitious undertaking.

As is the key with any New York City project, one of the major goals was to complete this three-phase renovation without disrupting train service. M.A. Angeliades, working with the NYC Transit Authority, the architectural and design firm of di Domenico + Partners and co-contractor L.A. Wenger, Inc., accomplished just that, while still accommodating the baseball season influx.

The end result, completed in 2001, is improved pedestrian circulation between the stations three levels - the underground, elevated and street levels - as well as to the stadium. As any New York City subway commuter knows, ventilation is a precious commodity. The new design of the station has incorporated a skylight and vent structure that now allows for both light and air to pass through the underground mezzanine.

With the Yankees' recent decision to remain in the Bronx and build a new stadium across the street from the current stadium, the 161 Street Subway Station renovation could not have been completed at a better time. view article »