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M. A. Angelides

Construction Management

The firm's Construction Managment team operates at a high level of performance. Because of our success in general contracting, the quality of our professional organization, and our extensive network of contacts with vendors, subcontractors, banks, insurance agencies and various authorities, we are well positioned to manage construction operations through all stages within time and cost constraints, and to provide advice on operation and maintenance of the facility.

Initially, Construction Management operations include meeting with representatives of the Client to become familiar with specific concerns, and to confirm the scope of project services and any special requirement. Lines of authority and communications with specific contacts of the Project Team and Owner are established.

Procedures are established for covering such matters as obtaining requires approvals for material submittals, constructiona access to the project area, and periodic review by the team of certian items of work.

The Contruction Manager, using established procedures, coordinates the construction project. The Construction Manager will schedule regular Project Team meetings to disseminate information on all project-related items, and to address all project-related questions so as to ensure that the project proceeds in a timely manner. M.A. Angeliades, Inc. chairs these meetings, issues meeting minutes and, most importantly, follows up on committments anndobligations agreed to in these meetings. the Project Team will be an ongoing decisive entity for the project's duration.

After a review of the problems and a thorough understanding between the firm and concerned parties of what corrections are to be made based on cost and schedule, a Design Consultant from our organization or from our local resources pool is engaged to develop construction documents under the direction of M.A. Angeliades, Inc.

Each problem is studied in detail. If it is deemed prudent, a consultant is utilized to assist in developing research information by providing exploratory testing and modelling-type services. M.A. Angeliades, Inc. incorporates plan reviews by local building officials into this phase to ensure compliance with local codes, and to ensure that necessary permits and licences are obtained to allow construction to proceed.