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M. A. Angelides

General Contracting

M.A. Angeliades, Inc's organizational struction allows for easy identification of the main area of responsibility of each member of the management staff. This structure reflects the successful management approach our firm has utilized throughout its history. Through experience, we have discovered that out clients are best served by a project-dedicated, "matrix" organization headed by the Project Manager, whose authority includes acting on behalf of the firm in all project-related matters. Such delegated authority gives the Client a single point of contact, who is most knowledgeable about the project, and allows out organization to react to the client's requests in the expeditious manner. Furthermore, the "matrix" structure give the Project Manager direct access to the resources of the entire organization. This approach ensures a complete understanding of the client's needs, and contricutes to a successful working relationship between M.A. Angeliades, Inc., the client and/pr the client's representative.

Our projects include a wide range of work scope and thus each project is allocated an appropriate organized team. After much thought and deliberation, we propose the team which we feel is the best situated for the particular project. The arrangement may vary to suit the individual project requirements or attempt to enhance therelationship and communications flow between M.A. Angeliades, Inc's Project Team, the Client and the Client's consultants. This arrangement provides significant benefits, such as rapid mobilization and project start-up, a pre-planned approach and timely integration of all tasks.

We ensure that the staff assigned to a project is sufficient to manage the workload involved. However, because the firm has additional personnel available tp perform specialized or highly prioritized tasks, should the need arise, a project staff can be supplemented at very short notice.

Our quality control system allows us to monitor the quality of materials to be incorpoorated into the work as well as the standards of workmanship. The firm employs field supervisors, as required, to provide daily inspection and coordination of our work and that of all trade sub-contractors both as it proceeds and on completion. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that construction proceeds in accordance with approved construction documents.

Our cost control system effectively monitors and constrol cost as work proceeds annd flags down areas of shortfall prior to execution of the task on site. It incorporated value engineering, which seeks alternate methods and materials to improve quality and performance without additional cost to the client. Through meetings with the project architect and other consultants, calue-engineering suggestions are offered as a result of architectural, structural and mechanical/electrical review. Calue Engineering analyses are performed throughout the life cycle of the project to eliminate or modify anything that increases cost without adding to function or value. While the core of Value Engineering is innovation and creativity, the approach considers function, replacement and alternate use. A constructability analysis is also a deciding factor in each proposal. Our approach develops alternate uses without reducing quality by such methods as efficient use of materials, planning for product modules, and idenntifying the best areas for savings.

Upon awared of a contract a preliminary schedule is developed hierarchically to show concept and to detail information. In the context of contract administration, the schedule is used to substantiate progress payments and evaluate performance. Scheduling plans are prepared initially to distribute construction time properluy over the critical activities. Eventually this information is developed to set start and completion dates of all activities, and is used as a guide for planning and controlling the project.

When contruction starts and work is accomplished, finish dates, percentage complete, resources used, and remaining durationi data are inputted to report progress against the physical construction. The updates generate several reports used by the project team and their staff. Together with the trade contractors' input, the firm develops submittal and material schedules consistent with the master project schedule. Submittals are reviewed for general content by our staff as expiditiously as possible. Our management reviews submittal and materal procurement status with trade contractors and consultants to assure compliance with the overall schedule. Exceptions to this schedule are identified during this review process and recovery plans are developed and implemented to offset any impact.

M.A. Angeliades, Inc. has developed a Safety Program with regard to all constructional activities we undertake and/or supervise. We recognize the importance of a safe environment to successful completion of a project and closely monitor the plan to ensure strictest compliance. It is the policy of our company to abide by all laws and regulations applicable to Federal, State and Local Standards and to conform to Good Practce as dictated by locations and circumstances.